Appendix 3: Useful Web sites

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3.1 Manufacturers of flow cytometers

Accuri Cytometers  www.accuricytometers.com
Agilent Technologies  www.chem.agilent.com/Scripts/PDS.asp?lPage=3380
Amnis  www.amnis.com
Apogee Flow Systems  www.apogeeflow.com
BD  www.bdfacs.com
Beckman Coulter  www.beckmancoulter.com
Cytek  www.cytekdev.com
Guava Technologies  www.guavatechnologies.com
ICyt  www.i-cyt.com
Luminex Corporation  www.luminexcorp.com
One Lambda  www.onelambda.com
Partec  www.partec.de









Union Biometrica               www.unionbio.com 

3.2 Suppliers of analysis software

Applied Cytometry Systems  www.appliedcytometry.com
De Novo Software  www.denovosoftware.com
FlowJo  www.flowjo.com
Verity Software House  www.vsh.com





3.3 Suppliers of reagents

Bangs Laboratories, Inc.  www.bangslabs.com
Biocytex www.biocytex.com
Biostatus www.biostatus.com
Caltag Laboratories www.caltag.com
Dako www.dako.com
Invitrogen (Molecular Probes) http://probes.invitrogen.com
Luminex Corporation www.luminexcorp.com
Phoenix Flow Systems www.phnxflow.com
Spherotech www.spherotech.com

Millipore                          http://www.millipore.com/drugdiscovery/dd3/map_portfolio

3.4 Other links

  Flocyte Training Institute                                     www.flocyte.org

Clinical Wiki  http://wiki.clinicalflow.com
The International Society for Analytical Cytometry is the organisations for cytometrists. Their Web site has links to the national societies. www.isac-net.org
The Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories site provides a wide range of useful information on flow and image cytometry. It also runs a bulletin board, which is a valuable source of information.  www.cyto.purdue.edu/index.htm
European Cytometry Network http://euroflownet.ning.com/
WinMDI is a free analysis program. It was written for Windows 3.1 so it cannot handle long file names.  http://facs.scripps.edu/software.html