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Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction

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Michael G Ormerod 

Welcome to our new book: Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction

This site contains the electronic version of the book (with colour figures), free for you to read. It is edited solely by Dr. Michael Ormerod. A printed version (with black and white figures) can be purchased here.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The Flow Cytometer
Chapter 3 Fluorescence & Fluorochromes
Chapter 4 Data Analysis
Chapter 5 Immunofluorescence and colour compensation
Chapter 6 DNA Analysis
Chapter 7 Some Clinical Applications
Chapter 8 Cell Proliferation
Chapter 9 Cell Death, including apoptosis
Chapter 10 Some Other Applications
Appendix 1 Abbreviations
Appendix 2 Glossary
Appendix 3 Useful Websites
Appendix 4


A bonus feature of the online version is that most of the figures have links to the data file from which they were derived. If you have downloaded the free FCS Express Reader, you can open the analysis layout that was used to create each figure. In some cases, extra information about the figure is supplied, including other data files. The reader can experiment with the data, changing the position of the gates, markers, quadrants, etc.

 To get an overview of the book and the intended audience, please read the Preface.

We hope that you enjoy this new venture and look forward to hearing any comments.

Michael Ormerod
David Novo



© 2008 Michael G. Ormerod 

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced without the author’s written permission.

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